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Here are a few of the sites we have found most interesting:



Featured Site:

Our featured site belongs to Jim Stewart, the brilliant artist who did all the sketch's for our site, as well as the oil paintings for our CD covers!:


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When you visit Jim's site, you will see wonderful examples of his most important paintings and sketches!




Some Great Guitar Sites:


http://www.guitarplayerworld.com - Comprehensive tutorials and resources to help you get better at playing the guitar.


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  Now here is a very professional site indeed!

  Tom Prisloe has been building custom Spanish and classical guitars to individual specifications for over 20 years.  Even if you think a custom-made guitar may be too expensive for you, you might be in for a pleasant surprise!  Check this site out, it has loads of information!




logo-new.gif (5650 bytes)   This is a great site... they have been around for a pretty long time!  You can find some really excellent free guitar instruction here!!


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Your guide to over 1000 Guitar Resources & Music Sites!

  This is a great site for everyone who appreciates the guitar!



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  Now here is an interesting site for guitar players, complete with the name we wanted!!!!




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  The "Guitar.net" site is an excellent resource for guitar players at all levels.   "Guitar.net" has some excellent free instructional material, and links to hundreds of interesting guitar sites.  They update their site on a regular basis, so it is a good site to bookmark and visit often!




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  This web site is constructed by Jason Nieh and is excellent - full of resources for guitar players!!



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  If you are interested in  guitar tablature and guitar midi files, have a look at this site.  It is the official web site of Guitar Pro for Windows 95, an excellent tab editing program (no connection to us)!

  These guys are continually updating their programme, here are some additional links to check out their site:

1/ URL of the site: http://www.guitar-pro.com
2/ Screenshot available at:
3/ URL for their song book which has more than 3000 Guitar Pro files: http://www.mysongbook.com




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  Here is an excellent site with links to all kinds of TAB sites!!



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Their name says it all!!




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This is a really interesting site with well-written reviews of all kinds of guitar CD's.  The site shows you where you can buy the CD's, but you can also try to win a free CD of your choice!   Have a look!



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  TablEdit provides tablature editing software which is used for creating, editing, printing, and listening to tablature and sheet music for guitar and other stringed instruments.  If you are into "Tab", check this site out!

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Vision Music

If you are interested in learning more about playing the guitar, this site is crammed full of interesting educational material, appropriate for all levels!  Their page at:  http://www.visionmusic.com/lessoncentral.html will definitely get you started!



Additional Great Sites:


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  Now for something completely different! This web site belongs to a guitar school in Winnipeg, Canada. They have a great curriculum and some pretty "heavy hitters" on their teaching staff. We could probably all use a few sessions at their school! Have a look at their site and compare what they have to offer to what's available in your city!



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  Here is a great site if your interests stray beyond the guitar!!  "Dominic's Music" supplies all kinds of band instruments with a wide range of prices and some very special deals!  Check it out!




General Music:


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Other Very Important Sites:


    The Free Site!

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