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Privacy Notice:  All information collected by The Rowland Corporation will be kept confidential within our organization and will only be used for completing your order.  

Please see our complete privacy, refund, delivery, and contact policies at the bottom of this page.

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  We are using InternetSecure Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, to process credit card transactions for our site.  InternetSecure Inc. is a leading provider of secure Internet transaction services. This company and its secure on-line order processing systems have been approved by all the major credit card issuers and Canada's major banks

  The price of "Symphony for Guitar" is only $14.99 Canadian.

  The price of "Deja Vu", our two CD compilation, is only $19.00 Canadian.

  Both prices include all postage, handling, and taxes.

  Our offer is currently available to both domestic and international VISA, Mastercard, and American Express customers. 

  Under certain circumstances, we will also accept Personal Cheques and other payment methods through snail mail... please contact us for the details!

"To Order:"

  Please fill in "Quantity" box below and click on the "Submit" button to proceed to our secure order site with InternetSecure Inc.

Code Product Description Unit Price Quantity
SFG96 CD, Symphony for Guitar $14.99 CDN

DV99 CD, Deja Vu $19.00 CDN


Additional Order Information:

Privacy Policy:

  We are only interested in selling the two CD's on this web site.  The only information we collect from you is your email and mailing address so that we may complete your order.  Other than the credit card processing company, we never give this information to any third party, and we never will give out this information unless required to do so by law.

  The Rowland Corporation never receives your credit card information, either from you or from our card processing company.

  Your email and mailing addresses are deleted from our systems at least once a year.

Refund Policy:

  If you are unhappy with our CD's, simply return them to us, and we will refund your full purchase price.

Delivery Policy:

  CD's are usually dispatched by Canada Post within one business day of your order.  Our postal service then usually takes about 7-10 days.

Contact Policy:

  Our company is located in Toronto, Canada.  If you require contacting us for any reason, please use our contact form.

Other Payment Options:

  If you are unsure about using your credit card on-line, contact us and we will send you a printable order form which you can then use through regular mail services.  We will accept personal cheques, bank money orders, or credit card transactions in this manner.  We will ship when personal cheques have cleared. 

Exchange Rate Information:

  For non-Canadian customers, orders will be processed to your credit card in Canadian dollars.  The following recent exchange rates may be used as a rough guideline:         

1 Canadian Dollar  =

  • 00.8085 US Dollars
  • 00.6069 Euro

As of:  Dec. 11, 2008

  More current exchange rates for most currencies can be obtained for free at the following site:








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