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  First, from our Internet community:


"I just got your cd from my local post office. It's MEGA COOL!!!  Thankx a lot!"

- B.v.V, Russia


"Hi Rowland,

I got home late last night & found your CD in the mail. Well I've listened to it twice already & I love it! I'm really impressed. THIS IS JUST GREAT! You have a real knack for evoking great emotion in your work. I can't classify it as any one type of music, as it seems to take in so many styles. It does remind me of one album that I think you would like, if you haven't already heard it. That's Ronnie Montrose's "Music From Here". I saw him promoting this at a club in Buffalo in '94. There were only 18 people there. Bad for him, great for me. It made it a very personal setting. But I digress. Thanks SO MUCH for this CD. It's fantastic!!


- R.M., Cattaraugus, New York


"Whether in an acoustic or electric mode, this music has a quiet grace that makes it listenable to again and again.  The more often I listen to these pieces, the more I enjoy listening to them, and believe me, that is a rare complement with all the music I have listened to over the years.  This music wears very well."

- D.L., Toronto, Ontario


"I received your news letter. You don't know how much I am looking forward to your new double c.d. I am still hopelessly crazy about the first. I am obviously a very big fan of guitar music. And I have a major collection of guitar music by a great deal of different artists, but your music is different. I have some of the best in all genres. The thing is each genre has a group of artists. So as great as they are, they're not the only one doing it. But the writing and playing in your music is so unique and individual that you stand out as one of a kind. How can one guitarist be so versatile? Composer, arranger, orchestrator, player, and pure genius at all four. You are the quintessential musician. You have an incredible musical vocabulary, and I hear every word. Thanks for your friendship, and thanks for the unbelievable music. I'm looking forward to the release of your new c.d. The first day I see it's available, will be the day I buy it."

- J. H., Brockton, Ma.



Just received your CDs and have already played them twice. In fact, I'm playing one of them right now in my computer as I write this message.

They are both excellent; we especially like "Acoustic". Some of the tracks have a 'Latin' sound to them, which I particularly enjoy (must be in the blood - I was born in the Mediterranean!).

Good luck with this release. Hope you sell a million! We'll certainly be promoting it.

Bye for now."

V.L., Toronto, Ontario


"... I must let you know that I love your CD. My current favorites are Shepherd's Hill (the voice is very ethereal and this piece achieves what I call perfection in balance of voice and instrumental - it seems almost heavenly) The Fever and Country Classic. But I need a few more listenings to ease me further into the moods of the music. I like the minor mode in The Fever; Country Classic simply moves along with ease."

- J.M., Arlington, Virginia


"I have enjoyed your music very much over the last year and have shared the CD with many of my friends. My partner also facilitates dance classes and has used your music in her classes. Many of her students have asked where they could purchase the CD, so you can expect an order from me in the new year for about a dozen copies.

  I also understand... that you are putting together another CD.   Congratulations and good for you or should I say good for your fans (me included). I am looking forward to the launch of you next CD."

- M.R., Calgary, Alberta


"I would like to have another copy of your CD in case anything would happen to the one that I have. I would be shattered if I couldn't listen to the fantastic music at any time. I might also consider giving it to a friend of mine that would enjoy it as much as I do. Knowing me, I'm sure I would give it to a friend. Music like that needs to be shared."

- B.S., South Carolina, U.S.A.


"Hey guys!

  I was told that I had to come to your site to check it out, so I dropped by and was completely blown away!  I was expecting another guitar site dedicated to mainstream, alternative, weird stuff...  I was pleasantly surprised by the music here, it is so powerful...  I just wanted to say thanks for a great site, and the beautiful music...this is truly the way the guitar was intended to sound!"

- E.T., United States


""Shepherd's Hill" melts the solemn open chord voicings on the guitar with Aimee's lush mezzo-Soprano voice in a ghostly seduction of reality. If you close your eyes you can imagine this beautiful young girl, strumming her guitar in the meadow, humming the tune to a childhood song whose words have been long forgotten. But the melody remains with her, as it will with everyone who listens to this hauntingly beautiful chorus of peaceful solitude."

- M.B., Vandenberg, California

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"I prefer "Red Church" out of all them. The song had a really grim, sad approach and gave the feeling of exploring the unknown. The song gave me a vision of a medieval fantasy world and in that world there was a once mighty church that now lies in ruins and an adventurer is walking through the ruins piecing clues to the puzzle..."

- T.Y., Lawton, Oklahoma


  "I love "The Fever!" The haunting harmonies are so beautiful!  The first time I heard it, I just sat silent.  When it was over, all I could say was, "Wow!""

- S.B.,  San Bernardino, California


  "As a teacher of Classical Guitar I am always pleased to see sites that give students a broad range of knowledge. My hope is to always develop a student that fully appreciates all types of music for it comes one source - the heart -."

J. B., United States


"The Abyss seems not to be human-made. But it sure is, because it expresses
feelings that only a human might have. Martians would love it too."

L.R., Latvia



  And here is what some of our other critics have said:

"It's so powerful!" - A.M.

"Rowland won't be needing any charts!" - J.T.

"Rowland, why are you writing such creepy music?" - R.H.

"I like it!" - K.C.

"Rowland, can't you make your guitar sound more like a trumpet?" - J.T.

"No, it's good man, it's fine the way it is!" S.S.

"Your guitar playing sometimes sounds like Pink Floyd, but I like your music better..." - J.S.

"You play just like Ed Bickert." - A Fan.

"I'm proud to know you!!" - J.M.

""Symphony for Guitar" is at once stimulating and soothing.  I love it." - T.M.D.


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