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We have a rather unusual contest this month!!

  One of the really neat things about the guitar is that it can be used to imitate many other instruments.  Whether or not the imitation is successful will depend upon the sound chosen for the guitar, and the style of the part - to say nothing about the player's ability!!

  We have below a short sound sample from the piece "Abyss";  when Rowland played this part, he was trying to stylistically copy a particular instrument - not the guitar, by the way!!  In order to win a free copy of "Symphony for Guitar" this month, try to guess which instrument Rowland was imitating  (Hint: think classical!!).


Sound Sample


What instrument was Rowland trying to imitate when he played this part??

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  Please note that the above contests are not open to employees, friends, or family of The Rowland Corporation.  We can only afford one contest winner per month!! 

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